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Is PRP Therapy the Best Choice For Me in New Jersey?

Posted on November 22, 2016

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, Therapy is one of the newest services being used to treat hair loss in men and women. This innovative technology works by using plasma that comes directly from the patient. Plasma has five times the number of platelets as blood which is why it is especially useful. Platelets in plasma are what covers a wound for healing. Because of the ability to affect the healing process and contain growth properties, PRP Therapy has been successful in clinical trials.

Ideal Candidates

The best thing about our PRP Clinic in New Jersey is that it is an option for most people. There are only a few restrictions such as being on blood thinning medication, not having a strong immune system, and having any bleeding disorders or iron deficiencies. This new technology also works by reviving hair follicles that are still present in the scalp, so ideally, candidates for PRP Therapy should have mild to moderate hair loss or thinning.

What You Should Know To Prepare For Treatment at our NJ Clinic

  • There is no downtime for PRP Therapy and the entire procedure only takes a few hours. This is highly convenient as patients are able to go right back to normal routine with few restrictions
  • Avoid donating blood or plasma at least two to three weeks prior to your PRP Therapy treatment. This will ensure that your plasma has an adequate supply of platelets for the procedure
  • Patients should avoid smoking and may need to stop taking certain medications before treatment
  • No anesthesia is used in PRP Therapy. The entire process feels similar to a blood or plasma donating experience and is only mildly uncomfortable
  • This therapy treatment is customized to every patient making it impossible to give a set price for the procedure. At your intial consultation, Dr. Rapaport will design a treatment plan that works best for the hair loss you are experiencing and go over the charges at that time
  • After the procedure, patients should avoid the sun and the use of styling products and chemicals, including hair coloring and bleach. Once the scalp is fully healed, normal hair care can be resumed
  • The doctor will send home post-procedure instructions. For best results, do not vary from the precise instructions you are given. They will teach you how to care for your hair and scalp as the hair begins to grow in just a few weeks
  • We accept all payment types and ask us what Financing Options that are right for you.


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