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Meeting Dr. Rapaport

Posted on July 10, 2018

Dr. Rapaport Featured in Purist Online

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Dr. Jeffrey A. Rapaport, of PRP Hair MD, is a leading medical professional in the New Jersey area. Over the years, he has completed advanced training, gained experience, and has become a well respected physician amongst both his peers and his clients.  From dermatology to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rappaport has the ability to get the procedures done, and get them done right!

He is always looking for new and innovative approaches to common issues that patients come to him with. If there isn’t a common solution to the issue, he works hard to find the right approach. For this reason, he holds three patents in the US for dermatology products! His talent and the experience he has gained over the years led him to become the Medical Director (and founder) of both the Cosmetic Skin and Surgery Center and PRP Hair MD.

Dr. Rapaport has been featured on many websites, talk shows, in magazines, and most recently on the Purist Online. They discuss Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, and Dr. Rapaport gets a chance to explain the procedure and speak about the background of the treatment, as well as his accomplishments to make it a more beneficial form of treatment. It is a great informative piece!

He brings up a very good point in the article, when he states that “hair loss and depression have been linked for eons.” Many people find that they are more reserved and hesitant to go out in public when they notice thinning or loss of hair. It makes them feel self conscious, and this along with lack of human interaction can lead to depression. It is great that Dr. Rapaport can help people gain their confidence back, and get them back out into the spot light!

PRP is an ideal alternative for people looking to avoid surgical procedures, since it simply utilizes platelet rich plasma to promote hair growth. Patients first have their blood drawn, and the platelets are concentrated. Then, those concentrated platelets are used to restore the hair. Everthing used comes from the patient’s own body, ensuring that they feel that the hair on their head is, in fact, their own!

While this form of treatment has been available in other countries for many years as a popular choice, it only made its grand entrance into the US about five years ago- and we are happy it did! It gives clients so much confidence that they may leave with more than they ever had! Dr. Rapaport explains that is is completely natural and safe, so clients shouldn’t worry one bit!

Dr. Rapaport understands that without clients, there is no success to be had. He takes each case and works to ensure that the desired results are achieved. Of course, treatments vary depending on the individual and the severity of the condition. It is all about you, the patient, and he will make sure that you are happy with the procedure and the end result. Hair restoration used to be a painful and tedious procedure, but that is no longer the case. PRP is truly a blessing for those looking to enhance their appearance.

With all of his professional accomplishments and the list of happy clients that keeps on growing, Dr. Rapaport will surely be featured in even more public arenas for years to come. If you are yearning for thick, full, and healthy hair, contact Dr. Rapaport to discuss your specific needs and the results you are hoping for. We are confident that he will be able to steer you in the right direction on the road to better hair.


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