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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in New Jersey: A Revolutionary Alternative to Surgery for Hair Loss

Posted on November 22, 2016

Most people suffering from hair loss are just unlucky to be genetically predisposed to having thinning or loss of hair. Hair loss due to genetics happens because the hair follicle continues to thin until hair can no longer grow from that follicle. Hair loss and thinning usually starts in one area and expands from that point.

Although men are commonly recognized as the main sufferer from hair loss, there are many women who are affected by hair loss as well. In women, the condition is typically described as hair thinning, rather than balding because they usually do not reach complete baldness. Because this condition affects so many different types of people, research has focused on new and innovative solutions to hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy came from new research by dermatologists. There are still many questions and ongoing trials on this procedure, however, there are many benefits and advantages that this revolutionary treatment has to offer to patients.

How PRP Therapy Treatment Works

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in NJ works by using your own blood, transferred into your scalp, to stimulate hair growth and healing. This is done by drawing blood from the patient and processing it through a centrifuge to separate the protein’s that are used to promote growth from other parts of the blood. After this process is complete, the doctor will strategically inject it into planned areas of the scalp. This is convenient because it creates two different uses for the treatment—stimulating the hair follicle to reverse thinning and re-grow hair, and using it in conjunction with hair transplants. The latter is much more invasive and the PRP helps with speeding up the healing process after the procedure.


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