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The facts about PRP for treating Alopecia in New jersey

Posted on April 16, 2017

Every one of us gets older with each day of life. Once you reach a certain age, the toll on the body increases and progresses faster with each consecutive year. The head hair become thinner and start falling out increasingly as well. People use various ways to hide this fact with haircuts or shaving or wearing a hat, and some wear wigs. But this doesn’t bring a long term satisfaction. Let’s discuss an amazing long term solution to get rid of this problem.

The hair loss can be contributed to things such as genetic makeup, stress, poor diet and illness. Losing your hair is just a sign of aging and it’s something you wish didn’t exist. It’s common for people to lose between 25 to 100 hairs each day and that’s considered normal. They usually grow back at a young age and as we age the body doesn’t regenerate the hair production to the full extent. It’s hard to notice at first, but one day you will start losing more hair than you can regenerate and in medical terms this is called alopecia.

 PRP for Alopecia  in NJ

The latest medical advance called Platelet Rich Plasma (aka PRP) can be used to treat and reverse aging of the skin, joints, as well as hair. PRP has been widely accepted as a safe and effective solution to treat medical and cosmetic problems and has been praised in the cosmetic industry ever since it became available.

Some of you know about the so called “blood facelift” or “vampire facelift” in which a patient donates their own blood to create platelet rich plasma and that is then injected into specific places in the face to start the regenerative and rejuvenating process that results in a more youthful appearance by reducing lines, wrinkles and other imperfections.

The the same technique is used to treat hair loss resulting from alopecia. The blood plasma is full of platelets, collagen and growth factors that are essential for the growth of new tissue and regrowth of hair. Once the doctor collects your blood and places into a centrifuge to separate platelets, it’s then ready to be strategically injected into your scalp where the hair regrowth is desired. The result appears within 3-6 months as a thicker and healthier hair.

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